Czech classical music in Luxembourg


MusicEnterprise was founded by Geoff Piper in 1995, ihitially as an a.s.b.l. (non-profit-making organisation) but as it developed almost entirely as a, the a.s.b.l. was abandoned some years later.

The original purpose was to create personal links with Czech and Slovak professional musicians in order to invite them to play in Luxembourg . Many links were established, comprising organists, singers, instrumental soloists, chamber music ensembles and even chamber orchestras.. All these links are strictly on a personal basis (not to be confused with the operation of a professional concert agency)


A further activity was the sponsoring or part-sponsoring of CDs produced under Czech labels, One of these was for the Bohemia Luxembourg Trio - a designation chosen by MusicEnterprise and used here for the first time. More than twenty other CDs have been released, mainly under the ArcoDiva or Supraphon labels.

Current goals

Today, the focus has shifted slightly. Geoff Piper tries to encourage exchange systems between Czech/Slovak and Luxembourg musical events.. This works particularly well with organists (see the ORGAN RING ). The ALEA Trio , like the Trio already named, consisted of Czech and Luxembourg musicians but did not meet with the same success.